Medical Days - Thinking about losing weight? Forget wonder diets and follow these easy steps!
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Thinking about losing weight? Forget wonder diets and follow these easy steps!

Thinking about losing weight? Forget wonder diets and follow these easy steps!

Summer is coming and many are thinking about (or already undergoing) miraculous diets and some sort of the so called “bikini-body challenges”.

Most of the experts insist on the fact that for weight losing the only way which has been proved truly effective is keeping a varied and balanced diet combined with stable physical activity. Conversely to what many assume, huge sacrifices or being starved is not needed at all for these purposes, following certain basic guidelines will be enough.

Avoiding risky and insane practices, Nutrition and dietetic experts of Dr. Ortega’s Obesity Unit (one of MedicalDays partners) summarize the most important rules for successful and healthy weight losing:

  1. Say goodbye to “wonder diets”. Eating healthy is the best way to controlling your body weight. Far from being a mere esthetic issue, body weight monitoring is definitely a health matter as far as fat surplus pounds make us more vulnerable to overweight, hypertension and diabetes.

Every diet has to be balanced including essential nutrients on a daily basis. Forget miraculous fasting and make an appointment with a doctor or nutritionist asking for a healthy, balanced and customized diet which includes natural foodstuff such us fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean meat, fish and low fat dairies.

  1. Do not skip any meal, particularly breakfast. 5 meals a day including 3 main meals and two low calories snacks between the main ones.
  1. Apply compensation procedures. If, for instance, you have crossed the line at lunch, try to have a light supper so your slip will not affect your daily calories intake.
  1. Empty Calories? No, thanks! Weight loss diets shall not be based on restrictions but, however, food provided with no nutritional value (alcohol, sugary sodas, industrial bakery, etc.) shall be avoided as far as they provide no benefit for our bodies.
  1. Join oatmeal profits! This cereal is a great source of proteins and fiber and shall definitely be included in your diet. It will provide you with the energy you need to start the day and will help you to prevent the sense of hunger during the morning.
  1. Turn into a tea drinker. We tend to focus on what we eat and forget about what we drink. Huge mistake: almost half of the calories we daily take in come from sodas, juices, alcohol and other sugary beverages. In order to control this fat source, most recommended drinks are water during meals and teas or fruit/vegetable flavored waters during the day.
  1. Avoid late dinners. Supper shall be lighter than breakfast and lunch and, besides, the earlier you take this meal, the better.
  1. Practice sport three days a week. Combining your diet with some sport is absolutely essential, but please note that to practice physical activity you don´t need to join a gym. Replacing elevators with stair climbing or one hour walks are some of the activities you can easily include in your daily routine. Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, running or cycling are the most effective practices for getting rid of fat surplus.


Determination is the key for a successful diet: results will only be achieved once you are persistent and resolute. Following the 8 steps above detailed on a daily basis will surely get you to your final target. Any food group has to be excluded from our diet (neither carbohydrates nor proteins or fats), all is about balance and moderation.

MD Team