Medical Days - Premium Medical Specialities: Aesthetic Surgery
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Premium Medical Specialities: Aesthetic Surgery

Premium Medical Specialities: Aesthetic Surgery

MedicalDays includes AESTHETIC MEDICINE AND PLASTIC SURGERY to its Portfolio of Premium Medical Specialities.

Sensabell Beauty Clinic is the new concept of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery in Valencia. Based on the “natural beauty” concept, Sensabell combines science, technology, and professionalism in a new and completely equipped medical centre in the heart of the city.

The main reasons for choosing Sensabell are

  1. Highly qualified and updated medical team capable of understanding every patient’s particular beauty needs.
  2. Commitment for the “natural beauty” concept: maximize the best of each person.
  3. Work for short and long term results, assuring each one’s beauty year after year
  4. Personalized treatments for each patient, attending its desires and objectives in each aesthetical tretament.

The perfect complement to achieve the highest quality in any Plastic Surgery procedure. Klenner & Perez Plaza forms a medical team that allows Sensabell Beauty Clinic to deliver a complete beauty service achieveing the best results in each of its medical treatments.

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