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MedicalDays Trailwalker


MedicalDays Trailwalker

Last weekend MedicalDays took part in the greatest team challenge of the world for the fight against poverty: the Trailwalker organized by Oxfam Intermon.

Both charity and sport challenge

The sport challenge consists of four member teams walking 100km in less than 32 hours. The members of the team must start together, stay together and finish together. The team is completed with two members that support the racer/walkers during the race, with food, drink and any other need required.

But there is another previous charity challenge: to take part in the event, every team must collect at least €1,500 which Oxfam assigns to projects contributing to ease the access to drinking water in extreme poverty regions.

For instance, women of Ethiopia have easier access to drinking water thanks to the project of Oxfam Intermón “Water bank” that has been benefiting thousands of people since 2004. “The fact that the water collecting point is now much nearer gives me much more time to read and do my homework, and is improving therefore my education”, explains Dilai Haile, a young 13 year old Ethiopian.

How did it all start?

Trailwalker was originally a military training exercise for the Gurkha Regiment in Hong Kong. In 1986, it became an Oxfam event for fundraising and since then it has grown to become one of the most important sport challenges, held annually in different countries around the world.

The edition of the past weekend (the 6th in Spain) which took place in the province of Girona (Spain) has achieved both the record of involvement (430 teams) and of collection (€909,000 so far, which will be increased with the collection of the teams taking part in Madrid next June 11th).

MedicalDays is pleased and proud of having contributed its grain of sand to this huge charity and, by the way, we ranked 170 of the 406 finisher teams! Here a picture of our team’s arrival:

Wanna know more? Check Trailwalker’s official website and figure out if Oxfam organizes in your country such event!

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