Medical Days - If you are not a member already, here you have 10 reasons for joining Team Avocado
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If you are not a member already, here you have 10 reasons for joining Team Avocado

If you are not a member already, here you have 10 reasons for joining Team Avocado

Despite its popularity, avocado is a rather unique type of fruit.  Most fruit consists primarily of carbohydrate, while avocado is high in healthy fats.

Avocado has had a remarkable amount of detractors due to its fat content, however, nowadays this fruit is known for its healthy features such as its Vitamin E contribution or its hydration ability.

Furthermore, several studies show that avocado has many more powerful beneficial effects on health. With the help of our specialists in corporal and metabolic surgery, we summarize you hereby the most significant ones:

1.         Reduces risk of suffering heart diseases. Eating avocado helps to regulate triglycerides and its content in Omega 3 reduces the “bad cholesterol” in our body and, thus, also reduces risk of suffering hear diseases.

2.         Awakens your senses! Due to its high content in Omega 3, avocado benefits blood circulation, sight and brain.

3.         Extraordinary vitamin supplier. Avocado protects our immunologic system and improves our cognitive and nervous system by the supply of Vitamin A, C, D, E, B-6, B-12 and K.

4.         Antic cancer agent. Some of the contents (glutathione, lutein xanthophyll) or of this fruit have been associated with rate of decrease in certain types of cancer, such as oral cancer. Preliminary researches strongly believe that it also helps reducing risk of suffering breast and prostate cancer.

5.         Memory assistant. Due to its content in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, avocado can become a great allied for students, seniors and people suffering Alzheimer.

6.         Benefits during pregnancy and lactation stages. Eating this fruit during pregnancy will improve the features of your baby’s heart due to the supply of Vitamin E in its gestation. During lactation, avocado salads will improve the quality of the breast milk supplying fiber, vitamins and fatty acids.

7.         Skin protector. Avocado is used in face masks and body creams. For ages this fruit has been used as a natural remedy for the cure of scars, skin marks and dehydration symptoms.

8.         Aphrodisiac: Avocado is a strong natural aphrodisiac due to its content in potassium and fiber which improves the blood flow in the erection process.

9.         Lights your skin up. Looking for a gleaming and shiny skin? Many homemade face-masks are made of avocado, honey, cucumber and olive oil. Better than the most expensive cream!

10.     Ideal for losing weight. Those who say that avocado helps you gaining weight are absolutely wrong. Avocado contains healthy fatty acids which accelerate our metabolism, control fat rates in blood and makes us feeling satisfied.  Obviously, this fruit shall be eaten on a regular basis avoiding excess which might entail the opposite effect with this regard.

If you are not on board already, do not hesitate to join team avocado!


MD Team