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Medicaldays has selected the best private clinics and hospitals in the city of Valencia. Click in each icon to enjoy a VIRTUAL VISIT of each one!

Innovation and excellence on a day-to-day basis. A modern and technologically pioneer odontology that preserves its traditional values of proximity and full attention to each one of its patients.

Three generations of doctors and more than 100 years of experience  in dermatology have made Clínica Dr. Guillen become a reference for dermatology treatments in Valencia.


Innovation, honesty, efficiency and exquisite natural beauty have made Cosmetic Institutes Ángela Rueda become a benchmark for the most demanding clients.

gastaldi 2

Dr. Gastaldi is a reference in the world of sports traumatology, arthroscopic surgery and orthopaedic surgery, being the pioneer in applying the most advanced techniques and technologies in this medical speciality.


With modern facilities and equipped with the latest technology, the IVU is the best medical center for the medical and surgical treatment of diseases and problems arising in the kidney, prostate, bladder and genitals in both men and women.


Sensabell Beauty Clinic, clinic of reference in Valencia, is committed to a new concept of natural beauty, comfort and personalized service with the most high-technology procedures and most qualified experts in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.


The perfect complement to achieve the highest quality in any Plastic Surgery procedure. Klenner & Perez Plaza forms a medical team that allows Sensabell Beauty Clinic to deliver a complete beauty service achieveing the best results in each of its medical treatments.