Medical Days - About us
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Why MedicalDays

MedicalDays is an online platform that gives support to every person interested in receiving high quality medical and aesthetical treatments in Spain, undergoing clinical procedures with the most qualified and recognized doctors in the country.

Founded in 2015, MedicalDays becomes the first medical tourism facilitator in the mediterranean province of Valencia, Spain, assuring world-class medical treatments at competitive prices.

By offering personal assistance to every patient that contacts MedicalDays, our team delivers high quality service with maximum guarantee, assuring that every treatment becomes the story of an ejoyful visit to Spain.

Our commitment


MedicalDays compromises to offer an integrated support during your whole medical process.

Our objetive

objective medical days

Our main objective is to identify the ideal clinic, medical specialist and treatment for any individual willing to receive high quality medical and aesthetical treatments in Spain.


What does MedicalDays offer?



  • Competitive, high technology medical treatments without waiting lists in excelent private medical facilities
  • Online assistance and consultancy to solve any enquiries about medical treatments abroad
  • Information about necessary Visa to travel to Spain, and complete Visa arrangements
  • Information about our clinics and hospitals and proffesional experience of our doctors and specialists
  • Information and advice about the best available options for flights and ground transportation connections
  • Welcome Pack, with all the information about the selected city
  • Treatment Plan, which includes every detail of the whole medical process


  • Welcome by one of our team members upon the arrival.
  • Interpreteur service during the treatment and personal assistant in your language.
  • Transportation between airport/hotel and hotel/clinic.
  • Mobile telephone for national calls during your stay.
  • Information of interest of the city selected (places to visit, restaurants, pubs, activities, local feasts and events)
  • Full time attention during the whole stay. Legal and medical assistance.